Improve fuel economy and performance while reducing emissions.

Mileage Maxer is an organization that is dedicated to helping our world be green by reducing automotive emissions. This effort also helps to improve the mileage of almost any vehicle. We have accomplished this by designing a hydrogen generator which makes hydrogen on demand as the engine needs it. The hydrogen is not the fuel that drives the vehicle but the means by which all the fuel (gasoline or diesel) is burned.And how does one make hydrogen? The answer is by electrolyzing water using the 12 volt system in the vehicle.

The Mileage Maxer is a simple device and installs quite easily. Part of the device includes an auto refill unit which keeps the Mileage Maxer full of water at all times, a vacuum regulator which enhances the intake of hydrogen into the engine, an electronic control that matches hydrogen production with engine speed, and an electronic interface system to allow installation compatibility on all vehicles.

The Mileage Maxer system is patent pending, quite unique and original. The Mileage Maxer improves the performance of the engine and improves gasoline mileage. Just imagine this...solving the vehicle emissions problems for the entire world! Almost "zero" emissions!

It is our goal to see this device installed on every existing vehicle in the world. It works on any internal combustion engine, gas or diesel. It will create many jobs, both manufacturing & installation. We would like to be able to provide the 270+ million registered vehicle owners this device for $600.

We are seeking the necessary funding to allow this to happen. We are available for a demonstration. Please let us know if this is a venture in which you would like to participate by contacting us through our message form or by calling (360) 550-5809. Thank you for your interest!